My Top 10 Home Staging Tips


Home Staging your home will ensure your property stands out from the crowd and sells at the highest possible value in the quickest possible time. You need to create a lifestyle, give those buyers something to fall in love with.

1. Kerb appeal – First impressions count. Tidy gardens, weed, clean driveways & add potted plants either side of the front door. In the rear garden clean patios and add table and chairs.

2. De-clutter and De-personalise – You want to give potential buyers a blank canvas but balance is essential. If you remove absolutely everything the room will loose its identity. However, you do need to pack up when you move so why not start now and if need be get yourself a storage unit.

3. Lighten up – Freshen up paintwork with a neutral colour and add tactical mirrors & lamps.

4. Fix up – Do all the jobs you’ve never got round to. (Fill settlement cracks & holes in walls, repair torn carpet, broken tiles, paint over scuffs on the walls etc)

5. Add lifestyle accessories – Create a show home look by adding smart toiletries, soaps, plants, cushions, throws, pictures, mirrors, flowers & fruit.

6. Bedrooms – Dress with plain light bedding, add cushions, throws & side tables with lamps to create the boutique hotel look.

7. Kitchens – If looking dated consider a cheap makeover by having door fronts & worktops replaced. This can make a huge difference for a small amount of money. The kitchen is the heart of the home and is often what sells a property.

8. Bathrooms – Ensure spotless, whiten grout, clear off limescale, replace shower curtain, use white fluffy towels and nice toiletries to stage.

9. Professionally clean – Carpets, kitchen appliances and house top to bottom.

10. REMEMBER Selling a home can be an emotional time in anyone’s life with so many memories tied up in bricks and mortar. However, it’s also your biggest asset and you are now selling that asset to move onto the next stage of your life. Home Staging will help you sell quickly at the highest value so you can plan your next move





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